T2 mapping of adipose tissue fibrosis


Panels A and B show a non-operated knee, with normal appearance of the infrapatellar fat and corresponding T2 map. Panels C and D are from the contra-lateral operated knee, with fibrosis (arrow) and T2 map showing lower values.

In a recent study by our group, Torriani and collaborators showed T2 mapping of infrapatellar adipose tissue was sensitive to detect fibrotic changes from arthroscopic surgery. This is a first step in quantitative assessment of adipose tissue fibrosis and future studies will perform T1rho and T2* adipose tissue relaxometry to further develop this research.

Fibrosis is an important feature of adipose tissue in obesity. Divoux et al. found that adipose tissue fibrosis limits omental adipocyte hypertrophy and hampers subcutaneous fat mass loss induced by bariatric surgery.

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