How billing works

Every imaging scan generates 2 charges: a Core fee (for scheduling, scanning, analysis and interpretation for incidentals) and a hospital fee (for use of equipment and facilities). For budgeting, the sum of both fees will be your total cost per scan. Please contact us if you have questions about this process.

NIH-funded and foundation (non-profit)-funded research have different Core fees compared to industry-funded research. If an MGH investigator is initiating an industry-funded study, industry-funded fees apply.

Fee schedule

Fees are available upon request. All Core fees include analysis and diagnostic readout of images for incidental findings. The services we provide are as follows, and can be adapted to your needs:

QCT is usually performed as a single slice of the abdomen for body composition measures (e.g., VAT, SAT). Up to one additional single slice (e.g., thigh) can be performed for the same fee. We can perform these scans with or without a solid-state phantom.

QCT Helical
QCT Helical is a volumetric acquisition of the lumbar spine and/or hip, typically used for BMD calculations using QCT Pro software. Periodic CT phantom scans are not included — they should be budgeted separately (see below).

MRI is the service used for all MR imaging, for example, as required for cartilage relaxometry and high-resolution spine and joint imaging.

MRS refers to 1H-, 31P- or 13C-MRS studies of human tissues, including but not limited to muscle, marrow, liver and adipose tissue. A combination of nuclei and anatomic locations can be accomplished within one MR time slot (40 min), however in complex scans 2 time slots may be needed.

Scheduling & Image Transfer
If you require gathering of DICOM datasets and transfer via FTP to your server, we can get that accomplished. Also, if you have needs regarding coordinating scheduling of research MRI or CT, this fee applies.

CT Phantom
This service should be used for periodic QA scans needed for QCT studies, especially those using QCT Pro software. We will also use this fee for CT scanning of cadaveric specimens or materials you may be researching.

MRI Phantom
Similar to the CT Phantom service, MRI Phantom is used for periodic QA scans and for scanning of cadaveric specimens or materials you may be researching.

Training with Radiologist
Training with Fellow
If your study requires that our team be trained, these fees apply.


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