Research assistants

Research assistants (R.A.) are an essential component of MGH Metabolic Imaging Core. We seek to work with highly motivated people, while providing a valuable and career-enhancing  experience.

Typically, our research assistants are graduates who just earned their B.S. or B.A. and are seeking a 2-year hands-on experience in clinical research before medical school. We’ve also had research assistants with Masters in Science, therefore a specific degree is not a pre-requisite. We currently have one R.A. position and if a position opens, we’ll post it here.

Our research assistants actively participate in our daily operations and also in our scientific production. If you are interested in a research assistant position at MGH Metabolic Imaging Core, please contact Dr. Torriani here.

Research assistant positions are open.

Brad Barlow, BSc., Research Assistant (left) and Bijoy Thomas, MD., Research Fellow.

Brad Barlow, BSc., Research Assistant (left) and Bijoy Thomas, MD., Research Fellow.

MGH Musculoskeletal and Metabolic Imaging Research Fellowship
SPR/GERME Research Fellowship

If you have a doctoral degree (M.D., Ph.D. or similar) we encourage you to apply for a research fellow position. Your role as a research fellow will be to develop and execute research projects in metabolic and musculoskeletal imaging, under the supervision of our senior researchers. The final goal is publication and/or presentation at major scientific meetings.

This is a competitive 1-year program in which fellows have either first-auhored or co-authored numerous publications in musculoskeletal imaging and metabolism journals. The main requisite is having at least 1 year of training in musculoskeletal imaging or in the field of metabolism (e.g., endocrinology).  If you’re interested in applying for a position and want further eligibility details, please contact Dr. Torriani here.

Research fellowship positions are open.


Year                     Name (position, number of publications during tenure at MMIC)

2002-2012           Bijoy Thomas, M.D. (Research Fellow, Research Scientist, , 26 publications)

2002-2003           Megan E. Jensen, M.Sc. (Research Assistant, 2 publications)

2003-2004           John Kissko (Research Assistant, 1 publication)

2004-2005           Brad Barlow (Research Assistant, 1 publication)

2005-2006           Will Allen (Research Assistant)

2011                     Aditya Patel (Research Assistant)

2012-2013           Vidhya Kumar, B.S., M.A. (Research Assistant, 2 publications)

2012-2013           Atul K. Taneja, M.D. (Research Fellow – SPR/GERME, 10 publications)

2012-2014           Corey M. Gill, B.A., B.S. (Research Assistant, 4 publications)

2012-present      Scott Daley, B.A. (Research Assistant, 6 publications)

2013-2014           Debora C. Azevedo, M.D. (Research Fellow – SPR/GERME, 5 publications)

2013-2015           Adriana L. Oliveira, M.D. (Research Fellow – SPR/GERME, 5 publications)

2014-2016           Alireza Eajazi, M.D. (Research Fellow, 5 publications)

2016-present      Joao Vicentini, M.D. (Research Fellow)

2016-present      Leo Martinez Salazar, M.D. (Research Fellow)

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